MoHS Math Team

Many class files are hosted in Google Drive. Students occasionally report having trouble opening files that are located in Google Drive; these students are probably signed into their Google account. Please log out of this account prior to accessing these files, or open the files in privacy or incognito mode.

Notes for OML Meets

These files are password-protected. If you do not have the password, please see or email Mr. Nagaoka.

AMC 12 and AIME Contests

The American Mathematics Competition 12 (AMC 12) is a 75-minute, 25-question multiple-choice exam. "You will receive 6 points for each correct answer, 1.5 points for each problem left unanswered, and 0 points for each incorrect answer." MoHS sponsors up to 20 students to participate in this contest every year.

The American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME) is a 3-hour, 15-question exam. Students qualify for the AIME by earning a sufficiently high score on the AMC 12.

The best way to prepare for the AMC 12 and AIME contests is to attempt past problems.

The Art of Problem Solving website also has a list of Resources for mathematics competitions.